Nouvelle Administration depuis 2011

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1299 Boulevard Saint-Luc, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, J2W 2M8, Canada
New Administration since 2011

Residential & commercial

Address :
1299 Boulevard Saint-Luc, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, J2W 2M8, Canada

Your company specialized in the sale and delivery of firewood

Bois du Haut-Richelieu is a company that offers you wood delivered or on site. Throughout the Montérégie and the Island of Montreal, you can benefit from a renewable and natural energy source. Whether it’s firewood, logs, cords or wood for a fireplace, we have wood that meets both residential and commercial needs.

With more than 20 years of experience in the sale and delivery of wood, we assure you of excellent service and wood of unparalleled quality.

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Superior quality wood

At Bois du Haut-Richelieu, we guarantee a wide range of wood that meets your real needs. You can order the following types of wood:

Wood for heating
Wooden cords


Wood for fireplace


Camping wood


We can also provide you with kindling.

Tips for buying your wood


Your supplier.

It is important to carefully select your wood supplier. You must buy from a company that has an address and will send you an invoice when you buy. If there is a problem with a delivery, you will be able to make a complaint or ask for an explanation.


Your quantity.

What customers call a cord is really a cordon and its measurements are 4′ high by 8′ long and 16” wide. More and more suppliers are offering a 32 cubic foot cord, so they are only offering you 3/4 of a cordon, as one cube of cord is 42 cubic feet.


Your logs size.

Be sure to specify the diameter of the logs you want, as a smaller diameter log will burn faster than a larger log. The average diameter is 5″. If you burn 6 cords or more per winter, you should order overnight logs. These are pieces about 8″ in diameter, unsplit. You should order 10 per cord. These will burn longer, especially at night. Also, if your fireplace is very small and you want your logs to be 12″ long, it is possible to request this. However, this may result in a small additional charge for this extra work.


Did you know that 100 gallons of oil is the equivalent of one cord of dry hardwood?

What is important to know about wood for heating:

  • It’s a renewable, natural energy source.
  • Soft woods such as aspen, poplar and spruce have little or no heating value and are only good for starting a fire or for use in a fireplace.
  • Hardwoods are recommended as fuel, but to be most effective, they must be dry and have no sap. Therefore, wood that is cut in the winter will have no sap, as sap rises in the trees especially in the spring.
Why should you buy your wood in the spring?
  • You are assured of getting wood cut in winter, when there is no sap in the tree. Wood with sap boils more than it burns, so it loses its calorific value.
  • Suppliers will be more inclined to give you discounts, because between August and December they cannot supply the demand.
  • By cording the wood at home, you will be assured that it will be dry for the next winter.
Why choose wood heat over any other auxiliary system?
  • This is the least expensive method on the market. Know that 100 gallons of oil is equivalent to about 1 cord of dry hardwood.
  • The very good scent of certain species that cannot be found with other supplemental systems.
  • The romance of a good fire with its crackling sound can’t be compared to anything else.
How much do you need to buy?
  • People who use their fireplace as their primary heating system use 10 to 15 cords of wood per winter depending on the type of fireplace used.
  • People who work during the day but use wood in the evening and on weekends use 6 to 9 cords of wood.
  • People who use it occasionally and in case of breakdowns use 3 to 5 cords of wood.
  • These quantities are estimated to increase or decrease depending on several factors such as the severity of the winter, power outages and your type of home.
What to use as kindling?
  • Some woods do not give much heat (aspen, spruce), but are an excellent form of kindling if split into small pieces. You can also use wood from the previous year, as this wood has become very dry over time. You can also use pieces of hardwood that come in pockets. These are residues from the construction industry.
  • We recommend an inexpensive, safe, practical, clean and easy way to start your fires: fire starters. These are pieces made a bit like a chocolate bar. They can be cut in 2 or 3 pieces and when lit, they will burn for about 20 minutes which will ensure an efficient start.
How to store the wood?
  • The best way to dry your wood is to place it on boards or pallets and place it along a wall, not exceeding 5′ in height. Indeed, the danger of sagging increases with the height of the cord. Remember that a cord of hardwood weighs close to a ton.
  • The wood will be left outside to dry or inside with a dehumidifier and a fan. Outside, it will be covered with a tarp, but only on top to let it breathe and dry otherwise it will retain its moisture and may even rot if left to dry completely covered.
  • All wood is susceptible to different types of bugs. If you are concerned, you can lightly spray it with insecticide when you bring the wood inside.
How to ensure your security?
  • Be sure to have your chimney swept at least once a year.

Bois du Haut-Richelieu, a company recognized for its excellence in wood sales and delivery

For over 20 years, we have excelled in the sale and delivery of firewood in the Montérégie and Montreal areas. Discover what makes our excellent reputation in the field:


Our professional service:

The entire team at Bois du Haut-Richelieu is passionate about wood. The team is happy to advise you on the different types of wood and to make recommendations adapted to your situation.


Our high quality products:

All our types of wood offer you an economical and pleasant solution for heating your home, and the quality is always there.


Our trusted service:

We are a trusted company that values our customers and we value your satisfaction. At all times, you will receive an itemized invoice and you can contact us if you have any questions.

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